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Tennessee Titans Podcast

MCM Radio: Recapping the Titans vs. the Jags

Recapping all of the action between the Titans and Jaguars live today at 4:00 CST!

MCM Radio Returns to Talk Titans... Like a Boss

Live tonight at 7:00 CST, we'll discuss everything Titans and where we go from here.

MCM Radio: Titans at Jaguars 2015 Recap Episode

The Tennessee Titans are making a rare appearance on Prime Time television this week as they take on the Jaguars on Thursday Night Football! We'll be recapping all the action at 10:00 pm tonight, shortly after the game ends!

MCM Radio: Tennessee Titans vs. Panthers Preview

The Titans put together an impressive performance to win a shootout against the Saints in Mike Mularkey's first game as the new head coach, but getting his second win could be much tougher against the undefeated Carolina Panthers this Sunday.

PODCAST: MCM Radio recaps the Titans win vs Saints

Danomite and I just finished the MCM Radio recap of the Titans' win over the Saints, so listen to it below or download the podcast via iTunes right now!

MCM Radio: Titans Put Whiz In The Wind Edition

The Titans made their first mid-season coaching change since firing Jack Pardee and elevating Jeff Fisher during the Oilers Era. We'll be talking about every angle of it on tonight's MCM Radio!

MCM Radio: Titans Loss #5 Recap

The Titans suffered another close loss on Sunday, and we'll be recapping it all tonight at 8:00 CDT!

MCM Radio: Tennessee Titans Meltdown or Set Back?

No matter how you slice it, the Titans' loss to the Miami Dolphins was the NFL head coaching version of a fireable offense. Luckily, the Titans still have 11 games left to turn this thing around. We're talking Titans live tonight at 7:00 Central!

MCM Radio: Titans Must Beat The Dolphins

The Tennessee Titans have opened the season 1-3, and the script for every loss continues to be pretty much the same. If they want to turn the ship around and save this season, they'll need to write a new ending against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

MCM Radio: Titans vs. Bills Preview Episode

Tonight's episode of MCM Radio will kick off at 8:00 pm CST, and we'll be talking Titans, Bills, DGB and much more! Join us live to stream the show and get in on the chatroom fun.

MCM Radio: State of the Titans Podcast

The Tennessee Titans are settling in for the bye week, but the wheels never stop churning on MCM Radio! Join us tonight as we bring together a handful of writers and editors from to discuss the current state of the Titans.

Listen to MCM Radio Reaction to Titans vs. Colts

Danomite and I just wrapped up today's MCM Radio Reaction episode covering the Tennessee Titans loss to the Indianapolis Colts. We discussed some big plays, big mistakes, play calling, penalties, QB play and Ken Whisenhunt.

MCM Radio: Titans Look To Restart Colts Rivalry

Enough of these NFC Scrubs and AFC North jokers, it's time for some AFC South redemption! The Titans have plenty of scores to settle this season, and what better place to get started than at home against the 0-2 Indianapolis Colts! Listen in at 8:00.

MCM Radio: Titans vs. Browns Immediate Recap

The Tennessee Titans and Cleveland Browns squared off today, and we'll recap it all right here on MCM Radio at 3:30 pm central.

MCM Radio: Mariota & the Titans, What's Next?

A season can't start much better than it did for the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, but what does it really mean for the Titans' 2015 season? When we go live on Wednesday night at 8:00, that's exactly what we'll be talking about.

MCM Radio: Recapping Bucs vs. Titan (Update!)

The Titans' season opener is in the books, and MCM Radio is your place to react and sound off about the game! Starting at 7:00 CTD, we'll break down everything that happened against the Buccaneers, plus we'll try to squeeze in some guest calls!

MCM Radio: Titans & Mariota vs. Bucs & Winston

The Tennessee Titans 2015 season kicks off with Sunday's match-up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and we're going footballs deep on tonight's MCM Radio!

MCM Radio: First Cuts, Getting Ready For Vikings

The Titans have made their first round of cuts, and the rest of the guys on the bubble only have one more preseason game to prove they should be on the 53-man roster. We'll be discussing these topics and much more tonight at 8:00 Central on MCM Radio

MCM Radio: Titans Roller Coaster Begins

MCM Radio goes live tonight at 8:00 central, and we'll be joined by guest Greg Arias! We'll be discussing the Titans' first preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons, then we'll take a look at what we expect vs. St Louis.

MCM Radio: Titans and Falcons Preseason Preview

The Tennessee Titans 2015 preseason slate kicks off Friday night in Atlanta, and we've got all the info you need to get ready on tonight's MCM Radio!

MCM Radio: Titans Go Camping, 2015 Edition

Hosts August West and Danomite will be discussing Marcus Mariota, the WR battles, positions that are in flux and much more tonight at 8:00 central. Tennessee Titans

MCM Radio: Titans Sign Mariota, Hunter Is Dumb

We'll be discussing the signing of Marcus Mariota, Justin Hunter's sucker punch arrest in Virginia, Jim Wyatt's transition from the Tennessean to the Titans media department, Steve Underwood's mea culpa and more!

MCM Radio: For Titans Fans, Off-set Becomes Upset

I told ya back in May that the Titans were playing with fire by digging their heals in on the off-set language in Marcus Mariota's contract, and as we get closer and closer to the opening of the 2015 training camp sessions, the goodwill is gone.

MCM Radio: Titans' Road To The Playoffs Edition

MCM Radio is going live at 8:00 Central for a special Thursday night recording! This week we'll be going deep on Tennessee Titans news and rumors that stretch from the very top to the very bottom of the franchise.

MCM Radio: Tangled Up In Two-Toned Blue Edition

Tonight's MCM Radio goes live at 8:00 Central, and be sure to join in for the live chat!

MCM Radio: 'Titans QB' & 'Accurate' Used Together!

The buzz around Marcus Mariota and the 2015 version of the Tennessee Titans continues to build, and your boys at MCM Radio have a lot to say about it. Tonight's episode goes live at 8:00 central, and we'll be joined by MCM Radio regular Greg Arias!

MCM Radio: Get It or Get Lost Edition

Join us tonight at 8:00 Central as hosts August West and Danomite get you caught up on everything that's happened over the past two weeks related to the Tennessee Titans.

MCM Radio: Tennessee Titans Taking to the Air

MCM Radio returns for a brisk 30 minute show! We're going live tonight at 8:00 Central to discuss anything and everything to do with the Tennessee Titans.

MCM Radio: Talking Titans, Deflategate and More

MCM Radio goes live tonight at 8:00 CST, and we'll be discussing the latest news involving the Tennessee Titans, Deflategate and much more!

MCM Radio: Dawn Of A New Day For The Titans

On tonight's edition of MCM Radio hosts August West and Danomite will recap the entire Titans draft and examine just what it means for the 2015 season. Expect lots of talk about Mariota, DGB and the rest of our new-look offense, plus much more!

MCM Radio: In Marcus Mariota We Trust #Titans

After months of smokescreens and posturing, the Tennessee Titans have decided to stick tight at the no.2 overall pick in the NFL Draft and take Oregon QB Marcus Mariota.

MCM Radio: Titans, NFL Draft Bonanza & Your Calls!

We're taking calls tonight! Check out this post for instructions on how to get on the air with MCM Radio to discuss the Titans and tomorrow's NFL Draft.

MCM Radio: Titans Get Monkey Wrench'd

We're back! MCM Radio will take to the airwaves tonight featuring the return of the man, the myth, the prodigal son, Danomite! After a week off, Dano will re-join host August West to kick-off the final countdown to the 2015 NFL Draft.

MCM Radio: Round n' Round With The NFL Draft

We're two weeks and one day away from the 2015 NFL Draft, and the Tennessee Titans' pick is as unpredictable as it's ever been.

MCM Radio: Titan(ic) Shifts & NFL Draft Updates

With the 2015 NFL Draft just over three weeks away, the rumors, news, smoke screens and chaff are getting whipped into a frenzy. So where's a Titans fan to turn for unvarnished, unbiased insight?Hell if we know... that's why MCM Radio is back!

MCM Radio: Our April Fools Draft & Titans News

we'll be plowing through the first 33 picks (including the Titans' pick at the top of the 2nd round) of the draft tonight at 8:00 CST!


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