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Breaking News: The Titans Offensive Line Makes Sun Rise In The West

After four years of spotty and unreliable play, the Titans FO and coaching staff have put together a veritable OL-Dream Team...

Al Bello

Over the past decade, The Tennessee Titans have had a pretty brutal history when it comes to top 10 picks. Since taking Steve McNair with the 3rd pick in 1995, we've landed Vince Young (bust), Pacman Jones (bum) and Jake Locker (love the kid, but still unproven as a 16-game starter).

However, this year, they finally hit upon a formula that appears both productive, and safe.

Our offense has more talent than most:

  • Jake Locker can make plays as he learns his way
  • Chris Johnson can blow a drive wide open on any given play when he's right
  • Britt is a troubled beast, Washington is as reliable as a WR gets and Kevin Walters will patch a lot of holes at the bottom of that position group
  • Stevens and Walker combined make-up the most well-rounded pair of TEs in the league
  • Few teams in the league can boast bookend tackles as experienced and skilled as Michael Roos and David Stewart.

Now, with Chance in the fold, the Titans have created an offensive line like nothing we've ever seen. Just the idea of running the occasional 2-TE set should terrify opposing DCs: When we do line-up Walker, Roos, Levitre, Velasco, Warmack, Stewart and Stevens, we'll dominate the flow of the game. And when you add HOFers named Munchack and Matthews, it's a stamp of approval too obvious to resist.

A few random thoughts (w/ video link!):

  • Mad props to the NFLN for speaking with US Soldiers in Afghanistan who were on pins and needles about the Titans pick. Not saying they read MCM, but they were sure on our wavelength!
  • Also, I knew what the pick was a good 4 minutes before it was announced, just because of the smiles the NFLN showed on Bruce Matthews and Mike Munchack's faces...

  • (NFLN Video Link)
      • So, who's your pick for the opening of day 2???