Titans Release First 2016 Depth Chart

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The Titans released their first depth chart of camp today, giving us a little hint as to where each player currently stands. There wasn't anything too shocking about it, but there were a couple of things that jumped out. Take a look at the depth chart below.

The first thing I noticed was how far down Harry Douglas and Justin Hunter were. Tre McBride seems to be coming along nicely and may force the team to keep six receivers. Andre Johnson is in the same category as McBride -- those two may be battling for a spot if the Titans only keep five.

Tajae Sharpe isn't letting go of his first team status. He's been thrown into the fire and he's producing. Dorial Green-Beckham is on the other end of the spectrum. He's not in danger of being cut, but he's under constant fire from the coaching staff. This just sounds all too familiar to Justin Hunter.

David Fluellen is listed ahead of Antonio Andrews, Bishop Sankey and Dexter McCluster. He's probably not making the roster, but that's more of an indictment of where Sankey and McCluster are at right now. David Cobb is listed as the third back and seems to have a decent lead on that roster spot.

Undrafted nose tackle Antwaun Woods out of USC is listed ahead of second round pick Austin Johnson. Johnson is listed as a nose tackle on the Titans' site, but could see time all over the front. I wouldn't read too much into this.

Jeremiah Poutasi is listed as the second team right guard, so it looks like he won't be the backup tackle. Second year man Josue Matias is listed as the second team left tackle, despite playing at guard last season.

At the end of the day, this depth chart probably doesn't mean much. The staff may be telling the truth here, but it could be a motivational ploy to certain guys. There is still plenty of time between now and relevant cuts and we haven't even seen the first pre-season game yet. So take this all with a grain of salt, but it's still fun to speculate.


If you guys and gals had to pick, who would you pick between Johnson and McBride? Lean more towards Johnson because we need that veteran badly.

And I’ve head a lot of good things about Austin Johnson in camp, so this Antwaun Woods must be legit.

I think the Titans should just keep 6 WRs

And have McBride not dress. I think he has shown enough promise that it’s worth hanging on to him.

People keep acting like we need to trim down to 5 WRs, but the average NFL keeps 6. I think Johnson makes it; even in a down year he still completely outperformed Harry Douglas last season. J Rob has specifically said that the team can’t be sentimental when choosing their roster, so to me that means Douglas is in trouble. Sentimentality is about all he has going for him. He has the least amount of upside out of the whole WR group.

Yeah I would love if we kept 6 WRs

and only 3 TEs instead of 4

We finally have enough people on the roster to compete. Maybe not compete per se with other rosters but we are going to have to shed some decent backup players

Plus we have to have quality ST players. I think it’s going to be tough to chose the 53 man roster. It’s a good problem to have.

I think special teams is why we keep 4 TE

Supernaw might be our best special teams guy

That dude can lay the wood, but man is he an idiot sometimes.

Who knew...

He could long snap too?

As well as repeatedly saying he wants consistency from his WRs.

It sounds like McBride has been more consistent than Douglas. If DGB was older and not in his second year, he’d be in trouble. With Robinson having the final say on the roster, I can see Douglas being gone no matter how well he knows the system.

I really hope McBride makes this roster.

He’s listed as starting kick returner so that’s a good sign.

well, yeah

If DGB was older and not in his second year, he’d be in trouble

Exactly… he’s still young and developing. If he was already developed, he’d be Justin Hunter. DGB still has the highest ceiling of any WR on the roster.

I know.

I was just giving an example. Robinson wants consistency/dependability out of his WRs over anything else. This would spell doom for DGB if he wasn’t so young and loaded with upside. McBride has been consistent and is young with upside. Whereas Douglas doesn’t isn’t any of that. I’d say Douglas is gone.

I agree with this. Keep 6.

Not only because we have 6 guys who probably deserve to make the team, but because of depth reasons

We tried to get fancy and keep 4, and due to injuries we had a bunch of guys off the street playing on Sunday. I don’t want to see that again.

Mike Keith is all the rave about Antuwan Woods


Antuwan Woods had problems staying healthy at USC. That is a reason he was not drafted.

Andre Johnson- not even close

They have Fowler listed as a backup TE

I’d say that ensures we only keep 3 TEs and Fowler as the 4th if they think he can be the depth there.

I’d also say we keep 6 WRs and barring any surprises it will be the 6 at the top of this depth chart.

Kuharsky indicated last night how to read the chart

Think you go all the way across, then drop down to the next line. That would mean McCluster is listed as 3rd RB and ahead of Cobb. Same for the WR’s.

Wouldn't that also mean that Hunter is listed ahead of DGB?


Based on players as listed on that depth chart. Here were PK’s comments:

"Depth chart things of note: Andre Johnson ahead of Harry Douglas; Dorial Green-Beckham, seventh or eighth WR; David Cobb is fourth RB, Antonio Andrews fifth, David Fluellen sixth, Bishop Sankey seventh; LG is Spain, Tretola, Gallik (Schwenke is only listed at backup C, Poutasi is backup at RG); Second-team DL is Angelo Blackson, Antwan Woods, Karl Klug; Second-team CBs are Brice McCain, Antwon Blake. This is just off unofficial listing that is base two-tight, 3-4."

Here is a different look at it on Titans Online:

Depth Chart

Much Easier to Read

Thanks for linking that

In the Titans defensive scheme...

what is the difference between a DE and DT?

Not much

They are all supposed to be run stoppers who draw blocks for the backers. The ends are just a bit more athletic and have better pass rushing ability, but they are supposed to be run stuffers first.

the DT is really NT

and lines up over the center.

the Titans run a 3-4 scheme, which means the D-Linemen are responsible for 2 gaps. The NT takes the A gaps, and the DEs take the B and C gaps on their respective sides, with help from the linebackers.

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