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Could Jalen Ramsey be a dark horse for the Titans' first pick?

The Florida State star is a versatile piece that can play anywhere in the defensive backfield.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Defensive Back

School: Florida State (Junior)

Size: 6-1, 200 pounds

Production: (2014 season as a safety): 80 total tackles, 10 tackles for loss, 2 interceptions, 3 sacks.


  • Outstanding frame and length; fits the bill of the "tall corner" that has been so coveted in the NFL lately.
  • Versatile player. Experience and ability to play every position in the secondary.
  • Fluid athlete. Great change of direction ability, which is usually a concern with taller defensive backs.
  • Sound, aggressive tackler.
  • Brings an attitude and a level of confidence to the defense. Trash talker.
  • Outstanding diagnosis ability to pair with his excellent acceleration and recovery skills.
  • Made a huge impact as a blitzer. Florida State used him like an edge rusher, blitzing him from the corner spot regularly.
  • A true play-maker. One of those guys that always seems to find his way to the football and make a play on it.


  • A touch thin by NFL standards.  Should be able to bulk up without any issues, however.
  • Will need some refinement in his mirroring skills if he's drafted to play corner.  Too often his hips flipped open too soon, allowing separation for the opposing receiver. Ramsey was so athletic, he got away with this at the college level.


Here's a look at Ramsey's athletic ability.  Watch him close on the ball in the final few steps and go full extension for the pick.  This is one of those elite plays that Ramsey offers with his length and burst.

This is a look at Ramsey's ability around the line of scrimmage.  So many times when he's blitzing he'll stop and go for a deflection.  Watch him get up for this one.  This is something that he did a ton of during his time in Tallahassee. He's just a pesky player that gets in your head -- he's a big talker as you can see from the end of this clip.


Ramsey played out of position in 2015, lining up as a press corner most of the season.  Don't get me wrong, he was pretty good in his corner role, but his talents were best showcased in 2014 when Florida State allowed him to play a safety/nickel role.

Ramsey's positioning in the NFL will be something to watch once he lands with a team.  Just reading around, it seems like most teams prefer him as a safety.  However, with more time to develop Ramsey could turn into a very effective press corner -- something that is coveted in today's NFL.

For me, I'm labeling him as a playmaker and letting him play all over the field.  I'm putting him in the nickel, blitzing him, letting him take away tight ends, occasionally let him press -- just letting him be the chess piece that he is.  His length and athletic ability will allow him to do a lot of things at the next level.

As for his potential landing spot in Nashville, I think it would take a trade-back within the top five for him to be the pick.  Some mocks have put Ramsey at one, but defensive backs just don't go that high.  The last time a defensive back went number one? 1956. It just doesn't happen, even for guys as talented as Ramsey.  I won't totally rule it out, but I would be shocked if Ramsey's name was the first on called in April.

Round grade: First Round

Expected draft range: Top ten