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Vic Beasley 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Beasley could be the best athlete at the Edge position this draft season, but his struggles against the run are likely to push his draft projection outside of the top ten.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Edge (3-4 Outside Linebacker, 4-3 Defensive End)




6'3, 235 pounds


Vic Beasley is the best pure pass rusher in this class.  I feel very comfortable saying that.  No player in this class is matching his athletic ability and his polish in this area.  Beasley can beat you with an array of pass rushing moves, which makes him deadly.  He can bend, dip, convert speed to power or just run right by Offensive Tackles.  He'll wear you down with his never-ending motor, too.  He's a really fun watch if you haven't checked him out.

In the clip below, Beasley flashes a nasty spin move that would make Dwight Freeney proud.  This is just a taste of his athletic ability.  The blocker never saw it coming.  This move forced the Quarterback to climb the pocket and drop his eyes.  It was a drive ending play on third down.

On this next clip, Beasley fakes outside and beats the tackle inside.  This is setup by Beasley's superior first step.  The tackle has to honor his ability to get around the edge, which sets up Beasley to step inside.  His ability to change direction is fantastic.


Beasley just isn't very good against the run.  His slender frame holds him back in this area.  He isn't strong at the point of attack and doesn't disengage very well at all when he can't use his length.  Beasley turns into more of a "gap shooter" than anything when playing the run.  He doesn't really use his hands in this area -- he more of just lowers his head into blocks.

He was average when asked to set the edge at Clemson, but not awful by any means.  He flashed in this area, but had his fair share of mistakes too.  There were more than a few times where he would get caught guessing following the ball instead of taking care of his responsibility.  He would shoot inside, but the play would be going outside.  By the time he's realized what has happened, he's behind everything.

The clip below was a crucial play from an overtime loss to Florida State.  Beasley has the cutback responsibility and starts out doing a nice job.  But as the play goes on Beasley guessed wrong and lowered his head, giving up the game winning score.  This isn't always the case, but it is a good example of Beasley guessing instead of reacting.  That gap had already been filled by the linebacker (#7.)


My comparison for Vic Beasley is Bruce Irvin.  He will be a guy that will make an immediate impact in the pass rush, but will be a bit of a liability against the run.  Ideally, Beasley can match a Irvin-like career path.  I'm not sure he can hold up as an everydown guy just yet.  If teams ask him to add bulk, you run the risk of losing what makes him who he is -- his explosion.  I think his athletic ability keeps him in the first round.  He will probably be in play for the New Orleans Saints at pick 13, but I could just as easily see him falling into the 20s.

Draft Projection

Mid to late first round.