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Jaelen Strong 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Strong is great at the catch point, but can he separate at the next level?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


Wide receiver


Arizona State


6'3, 212 pounds


Jaelen Strong's length is what makes him so appealing.  He's going to provide his future quarterback with a big target.  Strong has great vertical ability.  He was among the best at the combine when it came to the vertical test.

The clip below shows off Strong's ability use his leaping ability at top speed.  He's able to go from full speed to airborne quickly.  Check out where Strong makes this play.  He shows some nice spatial awareness as he's able to stay in bounds and continue up the sideline.

Strong does it once again here.  Watch him get up for this ball.  He doesn't get a good release or gain much separation at all, yet he is still able to go get it.  You can tell that his quarterback trusts him to make a play on the ball.

Strong has very reliable hands.  He rarely fights the ball and consistently catches it cleanly away from his body.  He's at his best as a route runner on out, dig and curl routes.  He can sink his hips and deliver smooth cuts, allowing him to get ahead of defenders.


Strong isn't explosive off of the line at all.  He struggles with his release and is forced to use his physicality to get off of the line.  It takes him several steps to get up to speed.  He actually has decent long speed, but it takes him a while to get to that point.  He can outrun defenders once up to speed down the field.  He isn't going to give you much after the catch, if anything.  He's a possession guy that can go get the ball, not an open field guy.


The big question that Strong will have to answer at the next level is whether or not he can separate.  He got away with being able to out muscle guys for the ball in college, but things will get tougher for him in the NFL.  He still has a huge frame and outstanding length that will be very enticing to any talent evaluator.  If he can improve his release against press man coverage, Strong will do big things.

If you're looking for a comparison, think Miles Austin.  Strong is in that 2nd tier of receivers, so I'd expect him to come off of the board between picks 18 and 26.  The Chiefs, Panthers and Ravens would all be great fits.

Draft Projection

Late 1st