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Danny Shelton 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Shelton has the size and strength to be the next great nose tackle in the NFL.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


Nose tackle




6'2, 343 pounds


Danny Shelton is a prototypical nose tackle.  His size, agility and strength make him a handful to contain.  His lower body strength allows him to hold his ground when taking on blocks.  Blockers just aren't going to move Shelton very often.  His bull-rush is one of the very best in all of football.  He generates a ton of power from his upper body when locked on a blocker.  His strong, violent hands allow him to disengage quickly once he diagnoses the play.

The clip below is a good example.  Shelton keeps his eyes up and finds the runner, then immediately sheds his man to make the play.

Shelton's agility sets him apart from other nose tackle prospects.  For being such a big guy, he's actually really light on his feet.  He shows a decent ability to move as well.  Watch him get after the passer here.  He hits the blocker with a nice swim move and generates pressure right up the middle.


The biggest knock on Shelton is his tendency to wear down in the 4th quarter.  He played a massive amount of snaps in college without getting too many breathers.  Staying in shape will be a major point of emphasis for him.  Shelton is so strong, he can get away with poor technique at times.  He needs to work on keeping his pad level lower to maximize his power.


I'm not expecting Shelton to last very long on draft day.  His combination of size and strength paired with his athletic ability make him a special prospect.  He has the ability to be the next great two gapping nose tackle at the next level.  The Chicago Bears sitting at pick number seven would be a great landing spot for Shelton.

Draft Projection