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2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report: La'el Collins, OT, LSU

Collins has all of the tools neccessary to be a true difference maker at the next level.

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Offensive Tackle




6'5, 321 lbs


Collins is a mauler. He has overwhelming strength, stemming from his huge frame and long arms. He packs a heavy punch that can send a jolt into the defender's chest. Once he gets his hands on you, it's over.

Collins is a great athlete. He has quick feet that especially assist him in pass protection. He's fast out of his stance and is able to cut off the pass rusher and force him out wide.  His anchor is fantastic.  He's able to fight off power rushers with a strong punch, eliminating any momentum they may have created.  You'll rarely see Collins blown backwards, if ever.

He's very aware of what is going on around him too.  Check out the clip below.  He's plays the stunt perfectly.  Collins throws the defensive end inside and is still able to make it outside and get enough of the defensive tackle to eliminate him from the play.


The biggest issues that hinder Collins stem from technique, which is correctable.  Collins has that "mean streak" you look for when scouting offensive lineman.  This is always a good thing, but it can lead to some over-aggression.  This in turn causes some faulty technique.  When blocking on the move, Collins tends to over-extend and doesn't bring his lower half with him.  This causes a balance issue, minimizing his impact on the play.  "Lunging" is a common weakness for a lot of run blocker, even in the NFL.


I'm betting Collins will be a riser in the draft process.  His size and athletic ability will force him off of the board very early.  He can step in and fill a need at Left Tackle, Right Tackle, or a Guard spot immediately.

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