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Andrus Peat 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Peat is a well rounded tackle prospect that needs some technique work.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports


Offensive tackle




6'7, 315 pounds


Peat moves very well out of his stance. He's very quick and fluid when asked to move around. He has the ability to get wide in a hurry to counter speed rushes due to his quick feet.  He stays aware of incoming twists and stunts and reacts accordingly.  He has very good mirroring skills, allowing him to stay in front of pass rushers before they engage.

Watch how quickly Peat gets wide here off of the snap.  This is why he's a first round pick.  His excellent feet paired with his length are a potent combination.

Peat is at his best when in motion.  He's usually able to maintain good balance while run blocking.  He uses his length well which hides some strength issues. On the play below, Peat is moving downfield on a screen play. He dips his lower half and explodes through the defender. I need to see more of this nasty streak.


Peat routinely plays too high.  He lets power guys get into his midsection and control him. This can be cleaned up with better technique, however.   Peat's functional strength can best be described as average.  You probably won't see him pancaking too many defenders at the next level, but I do believe his strength is adequate for the next level.

He's very suseptable to inside counter moves from pass rushers.  Anyone that pops on the tape of Peat knows that he can get wide in a hurry, so a quick redirect inside is a great approach against him.  This move ties him up and gets him off balance.  Peat struggles to reset his feet and change direction quickly.


Overall, Peat is a well rounded tackle prospect that will come off of the board fairly early due to his outstanding movement skills and elite length.  There are a ton of tackle needy teams in the middle of the first round -- starting with the Rams.  I'd look for Peat to land somewhere in between that 10-20 range.

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