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Brandon Scherff 2015 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Scherff is one of the best offensive line prospects in this class, but does he fit in the NFL better as a guard?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports


Offensive tackle/guard




6'5, 315 pounds


Brandon Scherff is going to earn his keep in the NFL in the run game.  He's a devastating run blocker and will instantly help just about any roster from that standpoint.  His upper body is fantastic.  He's able to generate plenty of power using his upper half alone.  He can move pretty well, displaying quick feet and the ability to stay balanced when on the move run blocking.

Check out the clip below (LT, #68.)  He chips the defensive end and then locks on to his man on the second level and takes him for a ride.


Scherff is just a decent athlete and has average length for the tackle position.  He struggles to anchor against pass rushers that can generate a lot of power.  This is the main reason that you hear some chatter about him possibly kicking inside to a guard role.

Unlike his run blocking, Scherff has some balance issues in his pass protection.  He doesn't always use his lower body to assist him in this area.  Scherff instead relies on his upper body.  This creates his balance issue.  He comes off as a little top-heavy to me.  In the clip below, Scherff gets rocked.  He lets the defender into his body and is never able to reset his feet.


Scherff may very well kick inside at the next level, which is perfectly fine.  It is probably the better fit for him.  Either way, I think he has value with his versatility and run blocking.  Some teams may view him as their right tackle too.  I think Scherff fits somewhere between picks 10 and 20 come draft day.

Draft projection

Mid first