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NFL Draft 2015 Scouting Report: Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia

Todd Gurley is one of the most explosive athletes in this year's draft class, but how much will his decorated injury history hurt his stock?

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Running Back




6'1 232 pounds


Todd Gurley has been absolutely shredding SEC defenses since his arrival in Athens back in 2012.  He's by far the most explosive runner in this class.  His blend of size, speed, agility and acceleration is truly rare.  You don't typically find a running back that can run by defenders or run right through them.  His vision is outstanding -- he's a plant and go runner that doesn't hesitate once the alley appears.

You don't want to meet Gurley in the open field.  He possesses quick feet that can plant and go in any direction in a flash.  He's known for his power -- which he has plenty of, but what makes Gurley special is his balance.  His ability to bounce off of tackles is special.

Gurley is a rare true everydown back.  He's outstanding catching the ball coming out of the back field.  He has very natural hands and will be an asset to any NFL team's passing attack.  He's a willing blocker and shows decent technique when fending off pass rushers.


Gurley has one of the worst medical histories of anyone in this class.  He registered a full season during his freshman season, but missed four games in 2013.  Gurley then blew out his knee after his return from suspension this past year.

It's a real shame that Gurley didn't get the opportunity to finish out his Junior season.  He now will be forced to miss most of the draft process as his knee heals.  I believe that Gurley would have been a top 15 guy in this class had he not gotten hurt.  Now we aren't even sure if he will be ready for training camp come August.


Todd Gurley is probably the most athletically gifted runner to come out since Adrian Peterson.  I'll always wonder how high he would have gone without the blown out knee. If Gurley comes back at full strength, someone is getting a steal.  I could see a team like Arizona taking a risk on him late in the first round.

Draft Projection

Late 1st, early 2nd