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Tennessee Titans Commentary

On the Titans Offense & Margin of Error

Why can't the Titans score? A look at all the little turning points in the Titans' game against Baltimore.

A Quick Analysis of Zach Mettenberger's First Game

A first glance at the Zach Attack.

On Whisenhunt, Late-Round QBs & Mett

MCM takes a look at former late-round prospects under Whiz, and how to break the cycle of rotating QBs.

If I Was the Head Coach...

Place yourself on the sidelines and tell MCMers what you would be doing this week as "your" team prepares to take on the Indianapolis Colts.

On Small Sample Sizes & the Rush to Conclusions

Taking everything with a grain of salt when you're only two games in to a 16 game season.

Don't Underrate Dallas

Jerry's team rolls in to Tennessee and they should look a lot better than their Week 1 performance.

What are you watching as Titans open OTAs?

The Titans take the field today for some real, live (practice) action.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly on Derek Carr

Is David's younger brother worth the hype? A quick look at the product from Fresno State.

Breaking Down Barr

Can Anthony Barr become an elite, and complete, player? How does he fit in the Titans' scheme?

A Tumbling Teddy and the NFL's Groupthink

The Titans can't fall victim to a scout's love of measurables.

Late-Round RB Gold: James White, Wisconsin

The adventure to replace CJ begins now. Should the Titans look at the diminutive James White from Wisconsin? The stats and game tape say the same thing: yes.

On the Draft Value Chart and Moving Up

Playing the NFL Draft's version of Snakes and Ladders. Can Ruston Webster and the Titans move up from the 11th spot? With the Justin Hunter deal last year, it looks unlikely.

Your team never won a Super Bowl? Join the club.

We are fans of a team that has never won a Super Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday. What's up with that?

A Strong Cast Joins Whiz

The head coach needs to surround himself with a talented supporting group. Music City Miracles looks at the staff Coach Whisenhunt has a pieced together.

With One Move, Titans Fans Can Embrace Change

Tommy Smith and Ruston Webster hit refresh.

Have the Titans Improved Since 2010?

It's been almost three seasons with Mike Munchak in charge of this team. What areas have improved since he took over the big office? Music City Miracles takes a closer look at a few key statistical categories.

When Winning Isn't Everything

When winning is losing and losing is winning... The Titans may struggle to finish off the year on a high note. Why is that potentially a good thing?

On the head coach as a motivator

Is it Mike Munchak's responsibility to motivate his players?

Tommy Smith Has a Tough Decision to Make

One owner, one coach and one decision needed. Should Tommy Smith fire Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak?

Will the Titans move Kenny Britt?

There have been a lot of rumors swirling around about teams being interested in Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt. What are the odds he will on the move before the NFL trade deadline tomorrow?

49ers vs. Titans: Preview

The Titans return home to LP to take on the Super Bowl runner ups, the 49ers, who are riding a 3 game win streak. Let's take a look at how these two teams match up on paper.

Fitzy leaving points on the field

The Titans played a terrible game on offense in Seattle and still had a chance to win. Here are some of the plays where Ryan Fitzpatrick left points on the field.

2013 Titans Free Agent Breakdown: Week 6

How did the Titans free agent additions do this week against the Seahawks?

Breaking down McCarthy against the Seahawks

Titans MLB Colin McCarthy saw his first extensive action of the season in Seattle after Moises Fokou went down with an injury. How did he do?

A Look Into the Future

There are many reasons I decided to write this article. I am slightly depressed after the Titans recent two game slip (and really miss being 3-1). There is some things I wanted to address regarding the state of this franchise going forward.

Justin Hunter: More involvement going forward?

The physical talents of Justin Hunter were attractive enough to Ruston Webster and co. to jump up in the draft and grab him at the top of the second round.

Mission: Slow down Houston

As usual, I will be diving into the prime match-ups to watch going into the Titan's next game against the Chiefs at LP Field. Now, though, I wanted to get into a battle that could flip the game on it's head.

ATV a shutdown corner?

The idea of a shutdown corner is one that is over-used, almost as much as the ridiculous "elite" badge that fans league-wide seem so quick to smack on their favorite players. With that being said, what about ATV?

Not So Fast - Quick Turn Arounds in the NFL

At the end of a pitiful season in 2012, many Tennessee Titan fans were calling for a coaching change after only 2 seasons with Mike Munchak. With a 3-1 start to the year, it's starting to look like the Titans patience with the new head coach may be

The Titans own Andy Reid

The Tennessee Titans never lost to Andy Reid when he was the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Can they continue the streak this Sunday when the Kansas City Chiefs come to The Woodshed?

Breaking down Titans FA acquisitions at 1/4 mark

This will be our first milestone for assessing Ruston Webster's additions to the Titans roster over last offseason. We will be looking at the player's individual performances and giving them a grade for their first quarter of the season.

Fitzpatricks talks about transition to "the guy"

It can't be easy to be the back-up quarterback and have to come in after seeing the starter being carted off the field with a serious injury. That is exactly where Ryan Fitzpatrick found himself yesterday. He talked about it after the game.

The No-Huddle Doesn't Mean No Running

The Titans can run the ball. Can they run it with a no-huddle offense? How does it fit with the passing game?

Breaking down Titans FA acquisitions in HOU

A view into the individual performances of the Titans brought into the fold this year by Webster and company.

Illegal Touching - What's Up With That?

There was mass confusion on Sunday when illegal touching was called on a punt in the second half. A lot of the confusion was set off by the announcers on CBS not knowing the rules. Here is a breakdown of the play.

Unleash Locker: Titans Have to Pass More This Week

We know the Titans can run the ball. That isn't enough to win games consistently in today's NFL. Time for the team to take to the air.


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