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Peyton Manning talks Brian Callahan and Derrick Henry at Pro Bowl

Peyton has a lot of good things to say about the new Titans coach.

NFL: Pro Bowl Media & Practice Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Wyatt caught up with Peyton Manning at the Pro Bowl and asked him about new Tennessee Titans coach Brian Callahan. Peyton worked with Callahan while they were both with the Denver Broncos. He’s a big fan of the new Titans coach:

Manning also mentioned that he talked to Titans GM Ran Carthon during the search process. He told Carthon that Will Levis would really benefit from working with Callahan. That was clearly a really important issue in the hire:

When asked how Callahan would like working with Derrick Henry, Peyton said that Callahan would love working with The King and that he would love working with Callahan:

The more I see, read, and hear about Callahan, the more excited I get about this new era of Titans football. Carthon made a really solid hire here. The Titans are finally going to be on the cutting edge of offensive football. Callahan isn’t the first Titans coach with an offensive background, but he is the first who is on the cutting edge of offensive football. That’s going to be fun!