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Amy Adams-Strunk promises clarity on Titans' organizational structure

AAS says she will let us know who reports to whom when the coaching hire is made.

Syndication: The Tennessean George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

Tennessee Titans controlling owner Amy Adams-Strunk sat down with Voice of the Titans Mike Keith to talk about the firing of Mike Vrabel:

Mike Keith asked her if the new coach would report to Ran Carthon or to her - basically what will the organizational structure be? She promised to let us know at the end of the process. That is significant because it seems like that is a major reason that Vrabel was fired. The collaboration between Vrabel and Carthon didn’t work out the way she intended. Paul Kuharsky mentioned on his live stream that there were times when Vrabel and Carthon didn’t agree and there was just nothing done about the issue. That’s a bad structure for sure.

It is also out there that from the beginning Carthon wanted to blow the roster up and start over while Vrabel wanted to give it one more shot with this group. It turns out that Carthon was right on that one.