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Amy Adams-Strunk’s statement confirms rift between Mike Vrabel and Ran Carthon

Syndication: The Tennessean George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

There has been so much smoke out there about a bad relationship between Mike Vrabel and Ran Carthon. The statement that Tennessee Titans Controlling Owner Amy Adams Strunk put out after the firing confirms it. Pay special attention to the text in bold:

“Earlier today, I spoke with Mike Vrabel and told him about my decision to make a change at head coach. As I told Coach Vrabel, this decision was as difficult as any I’ve made as Controlling Owner. I appreciate Mike’s contributions to the Tennessee Titans both on and off the field. Anyone who has ever met him knows how passionate and genuine he is, and he’s been a strong supporter of the Nashville community. We wish Mike, Jen, and the Vrabel family nothing but the best in the future.

As the NFL continues to innovate and evolve, I believe the teams best positioned for sustained success will be those who empower an aligned and collaborative team across all football functions. Last year, we began a shift in our approach to football leadership and made several changes to our personnel to advance that plan. As I continued to assess the state of our team, I arrived at the conclusion that the team would also benefit from the fresh approach and perspective of a new coaching staff.

I believe the Tennessee Titans can and will be a premier National Football League franchise. It’s what our fans deserve, and there will be hard decisions along the way. My decision today is not only a reflection of my disappointment in our past two seasons, but also my recognition that further changes are necessary to fully achieve our vision.

I will never shy away from acknowledging that I have unapologetically high expectations for the football team and every aspect of the Titans organization. Our vision is not simply to produce more wins than losses, it is to regularly compete for championships. While this season was disappointing, I see early signs of progress taking shape. Last year we added a promising young quarterback and several other talented players to our roster. With a coaching search, enviable cap space, and top-10 draft position, this offseason is as important as any in our history. I’m excited for the weeks and months ahead. We will meet the moment.”

In the end, it was the inability for Vrabel and Carthon to collaborate that ended his tenure with the Titans. Time will tell if this is the right move or not. Vrabel is a good coach. Is he a great coach? I don’t know what evidence there is from his time here to prove that.

What will ultimately determine if this was the right move or not will be whether or not the next coach hired is successful.