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Schefter: Mike Vrabel will meet with Titans decision-makers about notable changes

More smoke to the Mike Vrabel rumors

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is one person we have not really heard from on the Mike Vrabel rumors to this point. Well, that changed this morning. Adam Schefter is reporting that Mike Vrabel is expected to meet with the teams’ decision-makers after the season to “determine whether any notable changes will be made.” Schefter says that Vrabel could be open to being moved to another team or the Tennessee Titans could be open to moving him to another team - or both.

That’s pretty interesting because it’s the first report that we have heard that there could be interest from the team side in moving him. Schefter talks about the Bill Belichick situation with the New England Patriots in the same article. It seems that most people are expecting the Patriots and Belichick to part ways. That could be via mutual decision or trade. If Belichick is out, all eyes will turn to the situation here as there has been a lot of speculation that there is mutual interest between Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft and Vrabel in Vrabel being the next coach in New England.

If Amy Adams-Strunk does trade Vrabel, I still don’t think she will fire him, then she has to decide if she is going to stick with Ran Carthon and let him hire the next coach. We do not know a ton about Carthon at this point, but we do know he came from the San Francisco 49ers organization, so he should have connections with that staff and the staff in Miami with Mike McDaniel having been with the 49ers before he went to the Dolphins. If Carthon can hire an offensive coach from one of those places to work with Will Levis, sign me up!