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The Mike Vrabel rumors aren’t going away

Will Sunday be Mike Vrabel’s last game as the head coach of the Tennessee Titans?

Syndication: The Tennessean Denny Simmons / The Tennessean / USA TODAY NETWORK

Back in October, Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel traveled to Foxborough to be inducted into the New England Patriots Ring of Honor. A few weeks later there started to be rumors that the Patriots could be interested in Mike Vrabel being the successor to Bill Belichick in New England.

That stuff swirled around for a few weeks before a report came out from Diana Russini saying the Titans were not going to trade Vrabel to the Patriots.

There were also multiple reports that Vrabel isn’t happy to be working with first-year general manager Ran Carthon. The two did not have a relationship before Ran was hired, and there are rumors that Vrabel had a guy he wanted but Amy Adams-Strunk went a different direction based on some nudging from the league.

Over the last few days, the rumors about Vrabel’s future after the season have kicked back up. Zach Lyons did a great job of summing it up here:

You can listen to my thoughts on these latest rumors on today’s Home Run Throwback. (Listen here)

It sounds like next week could get interesting around here. Is AAS ready to move on from Vrabel and go in a different direction with Carthon calling the shots? Even if that is the case, an outright firing makes zero sense based on the value Vrabel clearly has around the league. She could find someone that would be willing to trade for him.

Does Vrabel go to AAS and give her an ultimatum saying it’s either him or Ran? Now, in that scenario, there is only so much Vrabel can do considering he is under contract, but it could force AAS to field inquiries from around the league from teams that are interested in trading for Vrabel.

Does a team call and make an offer for Vrabel that AAS can’t turn down?

Does nothing major change and Vrabel and Carthon work together to open the next window for the Titans?

That last one is feeling increasingly less likely. We will find out soon enough.