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Reaction to Brian Callahan’s Titans introductory press conference

Syndication: The Tennessean Denny Simmons / The Tennessean / USA TODAY NETWORK

Brian Callahan did not disappoint in his introductory press conference. One interesting note, before we get to what Callahan had to say, it is something that Tennessee Titans GM Ran Carthon said at the beginning. He said that hunting together is different than hunting at the same time and he and Callahan will be hunting together. That was clearly in reference to his relationship with Mike Vrabel.

I thought Callahan was fantastic. He started off by thanking all of the people who helped him get to where he is today. Callahan had a lot of really good things to say about the Cincinnati Bengals organization and Zac Taylor. It sounds like they had a great relationship and Taylor was really helping Callahan get ready to be a head coach. That will serve him well as he learns on the job.

The most exciting part of the presser was Callahan talking about what he wants from his offense. Here is the clip:

The thing he talked about most was the passing game. That’s a huge change from the way Vrabel talked about offense and one of the biggest reasons it was time to move on from Vrabel.

He also confirmed that he will be the play caller.

Callahan said he has met Will Levis and is really excited to get to work with him. He talked about the physical talents that Levis clearly has. If anyone can get the most out of those talents, it is Callahan.

He also was asked about balance on offense and basically said the team is going to do whatever it takes to win a football game. They are going to attack the opposing defense’s weaknesses without worrying about anything else.

He was asked about the offensive line issues the Titans had last season and talked about having a holistic approach to protection. Along those lines, he was asked if he had conversations with his dad about joining the staff. He shut those down quickly by saying his dad is under contract with the Cleveland Browns.

When asked about his defense philosophy, he said he knows what is tough for him to beat as an offensive coach and he wants his defense to do those things. When asked if he would run a 3-4, he said everything is so multiple now that those labels don’t matter as much as they once did.

It is going to be a completely different approach under Callahan than it was under Vrabel, but it is necessary. Amy Adams-Strunk said it very well when she announced Callahan’s hiring, this isn’t her father’s NFL. It is time for the Titans to evolve and Callahan is just the guy to lead that evolution!