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Will Brian Callahan bring in Bill Callahan as a part of his Titans staff?

It sounds like the Cleveland Browns are bracing for the loss of Callahan.

Syndication: Akron Beacon Journal PHIL MASTURZO / USA TODAY NETWORK

The first thing that needs to be fixed on the Tennessee Titans is the offensive line. The Titans' new coach, Brian Callahan, just happens to have a father who is widely regarded as one of the best offensive line coaches in the league. Brian has said before that he would like to coach with his dad. Mary Kay Cabot, who has covered the Cleveland Browns for a long time over at says that the Browns should be ready to lose Bill to the Titans. Mo Egger, who covers the Cincinnati Bengals, said on Ramon, Kayla, and Will this morning that he expects Bill to join Brian in Tennessee.

Now, Bill is still under contract in Cleveland. The Browns don’t have to just let him out of his contract. I’d be surprised if they weren’t willing to do it, but they don’t have to. The Browns can’t block the Titans' request to interview Bill if the job they are interviewing him for meets the requirements laid out here by Albert Breer, but my guess is the Browns will allow Bill to go coach with his son.

I’d be pretty surprised if Bill Callahan is not announced as a member of the staff here within a week.