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Brian Callahan’s offense will be flexible depending on the opponent


NFL: Cincinnati Bengals-Training Camp Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

All throughout this process, I have said that I wanted the Tennessee Titans to hire an offensive coach. It’s not that a defensive coach cannot win in the league, but as we saw with Mike Vrabel, defensive coaches lose their offensive coordinator when their offense is good. That can be a huge setback to a quarterback - especially a young one like the Titans have in Will Levis.

More than that, I wanted them to hire a guy that is flexible on offense. A guy that is going to build around his personnel and have a different game plan each week depending on what the weaknesses of the opposing defense are. Well, it sounds like Callahan checks all of those boxes.

Joe Goodberry, who is one of the best people out there covering the Cincinnati Bengals, tweeted this about new Titans coach Brian Callahan:

He’s a good, down to earth guy. Easy to talk to. Open minded. Grew up in a coaching household. Has worked with great QBs. Sees the game from their perspective. Has helped this offense transform multiple times and figure out their own weaknesses to become their strengths. They’ve scrapped their entire run games and rebuilt them on the fly. They’ve scraped half of their playbook when they under-center stuff wasn’t working. They took much of the LSU offense for Burrow during the truncated offseason and got early results. They’ve morphed through each season to fit their roster and what defenses have done to take away their best plays. They’ve routinely showed the ability to be a completely different type of offense depending on the opponent.

The players love him. He understands them and knows what to do to reset them and get everyone on board again.

He’s not the play caller, but everyone has a hand in what Taylor calls on Sunday. From game planning, building the offense, the playbook and the adjustments. He’s the one leading that charge.

I love everything about that!

You can hear more of my thoughts on the Callahan hire on the latest Home Run Throwback. Listen here.