A Look Into Free Agency- WR

Let’s take a look at the WR free agents this offseason. There are two top free agent WR’s I have eliminated from this post. I did so simply because I think that Mike Evans does not fit the rebuild mode and Michael Pittman will certainly get a deal or the tag. Mike Evans career is in the final scene and just like Derrick Henry, will most likely chase a ring or stay in Tampa. When it comes to Pittman, the Colts must prioritize stability for Richardson coming back from injury. I almost lumped Tee Higgins into this group but I do think, out of the top three big name WR FA, he is the most likely to slip away. Let’s dive in.

1. Tee Higgins

Age: 25

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Tee Higgins is a tall, jump ball boundary WR that can stretch the field. The second thing that comes to mind is injury. In 2023 Tee only put up 42 receptions for 656 yards after sustaining a rib and hamstring injuries this season. Prior to 2023, Tee put up back to back 1000 yard seasons. Injuries have been a concern though. He has had a hamstring injury in almost every year since he’s been in the league among other various injuries (shoulder, ankle, concussion, ribs). I really liked Tee coming out of Clemson and was a huge believer in his talent. However, I just don’t know if I’m willing to put this much money into a player that can’t seem to stay on the field.

PFF projected salary: Franchise Tag.

I can see Tee getting top 10 WR money which would put him somewhere in the 20-25 mil a year range.

2. Marquise Brown

Age: 26

At 5’9", 180 pounds Brown is an outside speedy WR that can take the top off a defense. Brown has experienced his own troubles with staying healthy and on the field this year. Brown had a Lisfranc fracture in 2020, a nagging heel all year, and a litany of injuries in between (mostly knee, hamstring, heel). Brown has only seen one 1,000 yard season out of 5, with two 700 yard seasons, and two 500 yard seasons (never scoring more than 8 TDs). Brown’s speed will make him a popular talking point but his lower body has taken a beating and I’m not sure he can hold up and stay on the field.

PFF projected salary: 1yr- $12 mil

3. Calvin Ridley

Age: 29

Will Jacksonville bring Ridley back and give up a 2nd round pick or let him walk and give up a 3rd? Either way they are going to be giving up a pick, so why not bring him back? It will extremely weird when it came to Ridley’s splits with Zay Jones on and off the field. When Zay was on the field, Ridley played excellent, and when off he disappeared. This makes me wonder if Ridley is a true WR1? This year he put up 1,016 yards on 76 receptions and 8 TDs. In 2020, the year prior to his suspension, he put up 1,374 on 90 grabs and 9 TDs. I think gambling on Ridley (no pun intended) is worth consideration for the Titans, but ultimately is not going to happen. Age, salary, and Jacksonville most likely bringing him back puts this in the farfetched column for me.

PFF projected salary- 2 years $16.25 mil

4. Darnell Mooney


Mooney is another speedster like Brown, but yet a bit taller at 5’11" and 173 pounds. With only one 1k yard season in four years under his belt, and less than 1k in the last two years combined, his production leaves a lot to be desired. However, Mooney has played in a low passing attack offense and when given the chance (61 targets in each of the last two years) I believe he has flashed. Considering the projected salary for Mooney, age, and skill set; I believe he could come in and fit in a role with a young up and coming Titans team. This is a good gamble here.

PFF projected salary: 1 yr $9mil

I think this projection is a little high, most likely based on a one year deal. 3 yr-7.5mil (with incentives) is where I would start.

5. Curtis Samuel


Another speedster in Curtis Samuel with his 4.31 40 time, is a great option for the Titans. At 27 years old, Samuel could give Will Levis a Swiss Army knife type player that can get open and take it to the house. Standing at 5’11" and 195 pounds, he is not the biggest receiver on the market but that is not the role the Titans desperately need. Samuel has yet to produce more than 851 yards in any one season out of 7 seasons, but much like Mooney, just hasn’t seen the targets. Samuel is worth a consideration

PFF projected salary: 2 year $9 mil

Just like Mooney, I would start a little lower than this projection.

Notable mentions

6. DJ Chark

Age: 27

A tall boundary WR with speed. Chark has bounced around from Jax, Det, and Car over the last 3 years failing to eclipse over 35 grabs and 525 yards in any one season.

PFF projected Salary: 2 years 7.75 mil

7. Gabe Davis


Davis is a tall WR with the ability to show up big or not show up at all. Age is a big plus, speed and ability to disengage at the line is a negative. I could see a world where the Titans bring in Davis

PFF Salary: 1yr-12 mil

8. KJ Osborn


KJ stands at 5’11" and 203 pounds. Operating as the 3rd WR behind Addison and Jefferson, KJ stepped in admirably when Jefferson went down with a hamstring. Not the fastest guy on this list, he can still get open with good speed. Drops are something to consider.

PFF Salary projection: 2 years-5mil

Overall, this list isn’t as great as I thought it would be heading in. I think if you’re looking for a speedster gadget guy, you might be able to find a guy that can step in and provide some stability as the Titans try to develop a 2nd,3rd, or 4th round WR from the draft.