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Titans GM Ran Carthon’s press conference wasn’t a disaster

Despite what a lot of people are saying, what Ran said or didn’t say yesterday doesn’t matter.

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I watched Ran Carthon’s presser yesterday. There was a lot of stuff that he said yesterday that I don’t believe. There is no way that he and Mike Vrabel were in “lock step” on every decision. Carthon would have you believe that they were holding hands and skipping through the halls of Saint Thomas Sports Park. If that were true, Vrabel would still be the coach of the Tennessee Titans.

You can read between the lines in Amy Adams-Strunk’s statement yesterday and tell that Vrabel didn’t want to move into the analytics era:

As the NFL continues to innovate and evolve, I believe the teams best positioned for sustained success will be those who empower an aligned and collaborative team across all football functions. Last year, we began a shift in our approach to football leadership and made several changes to our personnel to advance that plan. As I continued to assess the state of our team, I arrived at the conclusion that the team would also benefit from the fresh approach and perspective of a new coaching staff.

Carthon is an analytics guy. He talked about it in his introductory press conference. They hired Chad Brinker, who is an analytics guy through and through, as the assistant GM after they hired Carthon. You can watch the games and listen to Vrabel talk and see that he isn’t buying in on the analytics thing - at least not to the extent that AAS/Carthon wanted him to.

But at the end of the day, none of what he said yesterday matters. People are just going crazy over the fact that he wouldn’t give the organization’s vision for the new coach. Who cares? Sign/draft good players. Hire a good coach. Win football games. That is all that matters. Winning the press conference is nice, but it doesn’t bring championships, and as AAS said yesterday, winning a Super Bowl is the ultimate goal.

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