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Week 4 NFL picks and predictions

Time to make some money.

SPORTS-FBN-HYDE-COLUMN-FL John McCall/South Florida Sun Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

We are already at week 4. How mad do you think the NFL is that they have Kansas City Chiefs at New York Jets for Sunday Night Football instead of Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills? (I love Dolphins +2.5 there by the way). Actually, they probably aren’t mad. They are going to just make it a Taylor Swift cast and the ratings will probably be through the roof! I do wish the Bills and Dolphins game was a late afternoon game so it wasn’t the same time as the Tennessee Titans.

The late afternoon slate is honestly pretty rough. They need to start flexing games earlier in the season. It would just be better for all of us.

Also, don’t forget there is a London game tomorrow morning between the Atlanta Falcons and Jacksonville Jaguars. That might be a pretty good game.

How are we feeling about the Titans game? I keep wanting to feel optimistic about it, but it is hard for me to see a scenario where they win.

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