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Titans Reacts Survey

We all know how this one is going to go.

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

This one will be ugly. Usually, I am the one on here preaching patience, but I don’t have it in me this week. The loss to the Cleveland Browns was about as bad of a loss as I can remember in the 25 years the team has been here. That might seem like recency bias, and maybe it is, but it is hard to remember another time when the Titans had a decent team and got whooped all over the field like they did on Sunday.

I thought about throwing a Ryan Tannehill question in here, but it is still too early in the process to think about benching him. The people inside the building still believe they have a chance to do something this season. The time might be ticking on that belief at this point.

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