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Do the Titans have a wide receiver problem?

The position has been a problem for the majority of the 25 years the team has been in Nashville.

Los Angeles Chargers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

If the Tennessee Titans are going to get their offense on track they are going to have to get good play from their wide receivers. One of those receivers, Treylon Burks, was one of the darling picks in the media this summer to take a big step forward in 2023. We all expected him to do it as well.

We are still early in the season but through three weeks Burks has been struggling. Check out this note from friend of the site @TitansStats:

Both of those numbers are a problem. For a second-year receiver who was a first-round pick to only be averaging two catches per game isn’t good. It’s also obviously not that good to have half as many drops as receptions. The Titans need more from Burks.

To be fair, some of that isn’t his fault. The whole offense has been bad. The offensive line can’t protect and when they do Ryan Tannehill has been inaccurate. But with that being said, Burks needs to emerge as a guy who can help the Titans force teams to get a defender out of the box.

DeAndre Hopkins has been a little better. He has 14 catches for 153 yards in the three games. Nuk seems like the perfect guy for them to pepper with targets when opposing teams are loading the box. Why are they not having him run quick hitting stuff and getting the ball out to him? He’s so good at contested catches. Take some 8-yard gains that should be there for the taking.

The one receiver that has been a pleasant surprise so far is Chris Moore. He has three catches for 90 yards on the season. All three of those catches have gone for first downs. He has been the big play threat in this offense. Who saw that coming?

Burks has underperformed. Hopkins needs to be used more. They have gotten more(!) than what they probably expected from Moore. They should have enough in the WR room to be productive. It’s up to Tim Kelly and the offensive staff to figure out how to get it going.