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The Titans have a problem at cornerback

The Titans have problems everywhere you look!

Tennessee Titans v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

We have spent a ton of time talking about how bad the Tennessee Titans’ offensive line is and with good reason. They are really bad, but there is another position on the field that has been about equally as bad - cornerback. It’s really no surprise. Offensive line and corner were the two biggest places Jon Robinson spent big draft capital without ending up with a great player.

Take a look at these stats from Rich Hribar:

The Titans are allowing 9.1 yards per target, not per catch, per target! You cannot get off the field on third down with that being the case. Heck, you are lucky to even get to third down when you are allowing that type of number.

The Titans talk about how stopping the run is the number 1 goal. That’s great if they are playing 1980s football. The problem is they aren’t playing 1980s football. Giving up 275.3 passing yards per game, which is what the Titans are doing through 3 games, isn’t winning football.

That’s bad. This is worse:

Fulton was good once. I guess A.J. Brown literally broke him in Philadelphia last year.

The defense is supposed to be the thing that can keep this team in games. They did in the first two weeks. They didn’t this last week. They were bad from the jump. Can Mike Vrabel and Shane Bowen figure it out?