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Nick Chubb suffers knee injury Monday night

You always hate to see one of the greats in the game go down

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns haven’t announced exactly what the knee injury is that Nick Chubb suffered last night, but there is no doubt that it will end his season. That obviously makes the Tennessee Titans' task against the Browns a little easier this week, but you never want to see that happen to a guy - especially considering he had a catastrophic injury to the same knee while in college at Georgia.

Listen to today’s Home Run Throwback for more on Chubb and what the Titans need from Ryan Tannehill this season.

Chubb is in the sixth year of his NFL career. He has amassed 6,511 yards and 48 touchdowns in those six seasons.

After the Chubb injury, the Browns turned to Jerome Ford as their main running back. Ford is a second-year guy who was a fifth-round pick by Cleveland in the 2022 NFL Draft. He only had eight carries last season.

There is a chance the Browns could bring back Kareem Hunt who played in all 17 games for them last season. He is still a free agent.

All the best to Nick Chubb as he rehabs from this injury. The NFL is a better league when he is out there playing.