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My favorite play call from Titans OC Tim Kelly Sunday

This one was really fun

Tennessee Titans v New Orleans Saints Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Tim Kelly has done a really good job through two weeks. The offense was rough in New Orleans, but that had way more to do with how much Ryan Tannehill struggled than it did with play calling. They also got off to a rough start on Sunday but that was due to some pretty big busts on the offensive line. Once things settled in on the line, you really got to see what this offense can be.

My favorite play call of the day was the triple option that Ryan Tannehill took in for a rushing touchdown:

Once Tannehill got to the corner there, the defense had no shot of keeping them out of the end zone. It was such a beautiful play and it was executed perfectly.

As an aside, go check out Super Horn’s Twitter. He did a great job breaking down a lot of things that the offense did on Sunday. Of note, he points out the good and the bad from Tannehill. He was definitely better on Sunday, but he still left some things on the field.

Much like the offensive line, the Tennessee Titans don’t need Tannehill to be the best in the league. They just need him to be a little better than average. He made perfect throws to Treylon Burks and Chris Moore on Sunday. If he can hit a couple of those a game and limit the turnovers, this team is going to win more games than they are going to lose. That should be all it takes to win the AFC South with how good the defense is.