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Monday Night Football odds, picks and predictions

Bryce Young makes his home debut

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We have a really weird concurrent two Monday Night Football games tonight. The first game between the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers kicks off at 6:15 central and will air on ESPN. The second game between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Pirates kicks off at 7:15 central and will air on ABC. Why did the NFL decide to play two games tonight at the same time? Who knows?

Bryce Young is going to be a great quarterback, but this year is going to be a struggle for him. They don’t have a lot of talent over there and the Saints have a good defense. That’s not a great recipe for success tonight. Give me the Saints -3.

Deshaun Watson was better in week one than he was last year. Can he repeat that against the Steelers tonight? That’s the thing I will be watching the closest, especially with the fact that the Tennessee Titans travel to Cleveland next week.

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