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Is a Ryan Tannehill bounce back coming?

Ryan Tannehill looks to bounce back this week against the Chargers

59% of people who answered the survey think that Ryan Tannehill will bounce back this season. That’s a higher number than I was expecting based on what I have seen on Twitter. Tannehill does deserve a little rope here. Hopefully, he won’t need much of it.

In an even more surprising vote, Titans fans are not very confident in the direction this team is headed:

We have seen in the past that this number is very dependent on the result of the game preceding the poll being released. There will be a big drop in the confidence even if the Tennessee Titans lose a game after a 10-game winning streak (not that I have any data to back that up).

I’ve been saying it all week, but the Titans are going to win on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers and faith will be restored in this team!

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