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Titans launch new website, release additional stadium details

The Tennessee Titans launched a new website on Wednesday to help detail plans for the new stadium

NFL: Tennessee Titans Training Camp Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans just launched a new website that offers newly-released details on their plans to build a new state-of-the-arc stadium. The details are available at The website includes never-before-seen photos.

Fans who are interested in securing season tickets can join the Titans New Stadium Waitlist on August 15th. Reviewing various categories of seating and a deposit will be necessary towards a future purchase. Current season-ticket holders do NOT need to join the Waitlist. They’ll be grandfathered in via the loyalty program.

The stadium will approximately cover 1.75 million square feet while seating roughly 62,000 people. “Nosebleed seats” won’t exist. The stadium promises to offer exceptional views. The enclosed, translucent roof will protect fans from poor weather conditions. Exterior terraces and porches, complete with panoramic views of Nashville are included. The stadium is also designed to minimize waste and preserve energy.

Visit for more details.