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USA Today predicts 9 wins for Titans

I’ll take the over on Titans wins, thank you!

Syndication: The Tennessean George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

This is a fun graphic:

It’s not crazy to think the AFC South could end up something like that. It’s very similar to how the top two teams finished last year. Most people think the Tennessee Titans will win fewer games than I think they will. They won seven games last year with everyone on the roster injured. They have upgraded with the addition of DeAndre Hopkins and the return of Harold Landry. They also have to be due for a good injury luck season, right?!?

I’d take the over on Titans wins. I’ll also take the over on Carolina Panther and Miami Dolphins wins. Love me some ex-Bama quarterbacks. I’d throw the Los Angeles Chargers in my over column as well.

As for unders, give me the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens.

What say you? Where are these records from the people over at USA Today off?