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Report: Will Levis not expected to play tonight for Titans

We already knew it, but this pretty much cements Malik Willis as the Titans backup quarterback

Syndication: The Tennessean Andrew Nelles / The Tennessean / USA TODAY NETWORK

Jeremy Fowler is reporting that Will Levis is not expected to play tonight in the Tennessee Titans final preseason game against the New England Patriots:

That confirms what I already suspected after reading this quote from Jim Wyatt in his “Six Things to Watch...” article about tonight’s game:

And while it would be great to get Will Levis some snaps, does it really make sense if he’s not completely healthy?

It makes me laugh that Fowler says this “strengthens Malik Willis’s chances or earning the No. 2 to start this season..” because it really seems like Malik has had the No. 2 job locked up since the spring. There was a chance Levis could have blown them away with a great camp, but he didn’t and he has missed valuable reps.

Could the Titans revisit the depth chart order if Ryan Tannehill were to get hurt and have to miss extended time? Absolutely, but until that happens Willis is QB2.

And for the Titans' chances of being competitive this year, we all better pray that Tannehill stays healthy and available to play.