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Titans fan confidence after preseason week 1

I thought it would be higher than this.

Syndication: The Tennessean George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

Each week I will post a confidence poll for the direction we feel like the Tennessee Titans are headed. Here is the result of the first poll:

I am surprised that it is only at 78%. There are still some unresolved things for the 2023 Titans, but I am confident they are headed in the right direction. Ran Carthon did a really nice job in his first offseason as the Titans’ general manager. We will really get to see what he wants this team to look like after the 2023 season. Ran will have a ton of salary cap money to work with after the year.

The biggest unresolved question is who the QB will be in ‘24. Don’t sleep on the idea that it will be Ryan Tannehill if he stays healthy this year and has a good season.

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