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Titans training camp news: The backup quarterbacks had big days

Will Levis and Malik Willis both had really good practices on Monday.

Tennessee Titans Training Camp Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

One of the biggest training camp position battles we are all watching this summer is at backup quarterback. This spring it seemed like Malik Willis was a longshot to make the roster. That tune has changed a little bit since training camp started based on some of the things Mike Vrabel has said and some of the things Willis has done on the field. To me, the biggest indicator of where Willis is will be how he plays in the preseason. We saw him struggle with processing an NFL offense last preseason and it didn’t get any better when he was called on to fill in for an injured Ryan Tannehill. Will he look different this preseason?

Will Levis, based on the fact that he was the Tennessee Titans' second-round pick, will be on the roster regardless of how he plays this preseason. The only question for him is whether or not he will break training camp as the backup quarterback.

I saw this tweet early in practice today and thought Levis was on his way to winning the battle:

Reports were that Willis did some really nice things during the practice as well:

Here is what Mike Vrabel had to say about the quarterbacks after today’s practice:

It’s going to be fun to watch this battle unfold throughout training camp and the preseason.