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Titans unveil throwback Oilers uniforms

These are pretty sweet.

Syndication: Nashville Mark Humphrey / The Tennessean

The Tennessee Titans unveiled their throwback uniforms tonight on Twitter. They will wear the uniforms in two home games this season. The two games were not announced. I really want one of those games to be against the Houston Texans.

The article from Jim Wyatt said that they asked the NFL if they could wear the throwback uniforms on the road against the Miami Dolphins but the league said no. That’s why some call it the No Fun League!

These uniforms look really awesome. I was not a fan of the team before they moved to Tennessee, so these uniforms don’t hold a special place in my heart like they do for some. The best part about this is how mad Houston Texans fans get that the Titans will be the ones wearing the uniforms. Sucks for them that the city wouldn’t build the Oilers a new stadium all those years ago.

Here are the pictures the team shared tonight on Twitter: