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Titans Oilers throwback jerseys leaked

This isn’t quite the same as the last jersey leak (IYKYK), but it is still pretty cool

Buffalo Bills v Tennessee Titans Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images

The Tennessee Titans are revealing their throwback Houston Oilers jerseys this weekend:

Apparently, there was some speculation out there that this meant the jerseys were going to be black. That’s pretty crazy considering they will be wearing Oilers jerseys and oil is black. I could be wrong here, it happened once before, but I wouldn’t count on black jerseys.

Titans Uni Tracker has leaked the throwback jerseys ahead of the big reveal this weekend:

Those are pretty sweet. The “Luv ya Blue!” in the collar is awesome. I do wonder if they will have a white one as well. They can wear them twice this year if they chose. We don’t know what games they will wear them yet. That is part of the reveal this weekend. I would put pretty good money on at least one of those games being the home game against the Houston Texans on December 17th.

The Titans haven’t worn Oilers throwback since 2009 to celebrate the AFL’s 50th anniversary.