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The DeAndre Hopkins signing proves the general public knows nothing about the Tennessee Titans

DeAndre Hopkins picking the Titans has made Twitter go crazy

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

You forget how little the general public knows about the Tennessee Titans until they do something newsworthy. Well, they did something newsworthy over the weekend and the idiots are coming out of the woodwork. The bad Ryan Tannehill takes are back. People act like he has never been good in his career. Look, we all know the issues with Playoff Tannehill, but he has been really, really good in the regular season. Check this out:

How many NFL teams would line up to take those numbers if Tannehill’s name wasn’t attached to them? I’d guess at least 16.

Then there is the narrative that the Hopkins signing has anything to do with the Titans not being able to afford A.J. Brown:

It wasn’t that the Titans couldn’t afford to pay A.J. Zach put it perfectly in his response to Sharp’s tweet:

As Zach said, Jon Robinson traded A.J. after the two sides dug in. That’s a big part of the reason JRob is no longer the general manager in Tennessee. They could have easily afforded him.

Oh, and guess what...Hopkins is rated higher in Madden than A.J.:

And since Madden ratings always accurately portray reality, the Titans come out ahead in this deal.

The bottom line here is that Ran Carthon made the Titans a much better football team by getting Hopkins to sign here. They now have enough to win the AFC South. Does it push them into the same stratosphere as the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills? No, but it proves there is no one in that building that is planning on this being a rebuilding year. Get to the playoffs and anything can happen.

I discussed this, and more, on today’s Home Run Throwback podcast. Listen here.