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Sharp Football ranks Titans’ offensive line dead last in NFL

They won’t be as bad as they were last year, right?!?

Syndication: The Tennessean Andrew Nelles / The Tennessean / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Tennessee Titans' offensive line has to be better than it was last year, right? The people over at Sharp Football don’t seem to think so. They ranked the unit 32nd, which is dead last in case you didn’t know. If there were a betting market for this type of thing, I’d be willing to bet pretty good money that they won’t end up as the worst in the league.

Of course it didn’t help things that Nicholas Petit-Frere got hit with a six-game suspension for gambling on non-NFL games while at the facility. They will have to figure out how to make that work and then re-figure out how to make it work when NPF comes back after his suspension.

Here are the comments from Sharp Football:

In 2022, Titans left tackles allowed pressure at a league-worst 9.4% rate, more than two percentage points worse than any other team. Andre Dillard and rookie Peter Skoronski will compete for that job, but we’re unlikely to see a significant upgrade for the unit.

The only issue I have with that is that I don’t think Skoronski is competing for the left tackle job. My money is on him playing guard.

As for where the other units in the AFC South ranked:

Jacksonville Jaguars - 28th

Houston Texans - 19th

Indianapolis Colts - 18th

The AFC South isn’t a great division for offensive lines, apparently.