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Malik Willis outperformed Will Levis this spring

Is this a big deal?

Syndication: The Tennessean Mark Zaleski / The Tennessean / USA TODAY NETWORK

Jim Wyatt posted his weekly mailbag over the weekend and had this nugget in response to a question about Malik Willis making the 53-man roster for week 1:

Malik outperformed Levis this offseason, and definitely showed improvement from a year ago. But things can change.

There’s no question that Ryan Tannehill and Will Levis are making the Tennessee Titans roster. Willis needed a good spring and still needs a good summer to make this roster. It sounds like he is well on his way to accomplishing that.

My question after reading this is should we be concerned that Willis outperformed Levis this spring? My first thought was that it is a huge problem because Willis was so bad last year, but after taking some time to think about it I’m not as concerned. It would make sense for Willis to be ahead based on already having a year in the NFL under his belt.

With that being said, if Willis is still ahead of Levis when the season opens, it would be a pretty big red flag on Levis to me.

What say you? Should we be concerned about Levis based on this nugget from Wyatt?