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Report: NFL suspending Jaguars offensive tackle Cam Robinson 4 games for PEDs

Well, at least our suspended tackle didn’t cheat

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Washington Commanders Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Schefter is reporting that the NFL is suspending Jaguars offensive tackle four games for violating performance enhancing drugs. The Tennessee Titans might have had a guy suspended today as well, but at least it wasn’t for cheating, #amirite? It does seem crazy to me that a guy gets 6 games for betting on non-NFL games but a guy only gets 4 games for straight-up cheating.

Robinson was a second round pick back in 2017 and has been a starter for the Sparkle Kitties every year that he has been healthy. Losing him is a big blow to a team that will be trying to prove they didn’t luck into an AFC South title last season because a referee can’t tell the difference between a forward pass and a fumble.

The Titans and Jaguars don’t have their first meeting of the season until week 11 - which means that the suspended tackles for both teams will be back for both match-ups between the two teams.