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See where Titans rank in ESPN’s WR, TE, RB rankings

The slide over the last 3 years has been rough!

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Barnwell ranked each RB, WR, and TE group in the NFL. You won’t be surprised to learn that the Tennessee Titans were near the bottom - 29th to be exact. It’s brutal but fair. The Titans don’t have a quality pass catcher on the team who has more than one year of NFL experience. The Titans have fallen a long way over the last couple of years in these rankings. They were 3rd in 2021 and 19th last year. Both of those rankings ended up being too high. Hopefully this year it will end up that they were too low.

This could change, of course, if the Titans ultimately sign DeAndre Hopkins. That move would move them up to at least 25th, ahead of the Indianapolis Colts, in my estimation.

There is some room for the current guys they have to overperform where most people think they are right now. Treylon Burks looks poised to make a big year two leap. The same can be said of Chig Okonkwo. Barnwell had this to say about Burks and Okonkwo:

In a perfect situation, Burks and Okonkwo would be secondary and tertiary players primed for breakouts behind established stars. Here, they’re the passing game’s only hope.

That’s what they will be if the Titans sign Hopkins.

Here is where the other teams in the division ranked:

Houston Texans - 32nd

Colts - 25th

Jacksonville Jaguars - 9th