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DeAndre Hopkins rumors: Veteran WR interested in signing with Houston Texans

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans

So we talked the other day about how DeAndre Hopkins might not be interested in signing with the Tennessee Titans because he doesn’t see them as a Super Bowl contender. Well, apparently that might not be as high on Hopkins’s list as we might have thought with the report that he could be interested in a return to the Texans:

I had a reader email me about my Hopkins article from Tuesday to say that I should provide more analysis and less “I told you so” in my articles. I do get what he is saying, but what I will say here is that the Titans desperately need a receiver. Is Hopkins the same guy he was when the Titans faced him as a member of the Texans? Certainly not, he turns 31 this month, but with what the Titans currently have on their roster, they should be interested if he is even 75% of that player.

Think about it this way, the Titans' head coach, who was a linebacker, has more career touchdown catches than any receiver on the roster. How’s that for #analysis?