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Titans roster position by position: Quarterback

Will this group look different when training camp starts?

NFL: APR 28 2023 Draft Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Today we start our position by position breakdown of the Tennessee Titans 2023 roster. We have to start with the most important position on the field - Quarterback. Of course, this is the one that has been the most discussed since last offseason. Ryan Tannehill is still the presumed starter, but with the selection of Will Levis in the second round and trade rumors with Tannehill and the Atlanta Falcons swirling, things could change a lot between now and August.

The best thing for the 2023 Titans is for Tannehill to be the starter. You know what he is at this point - a guy with a high floor that is going to play mostly solid football. He isn’t going to elevate the guys around him, but in the right circumstance, he can win you quite a few games.

It also might be the best thing for Levis’s long-term development to sit behind Tannehill for a year. Levis could spend that year watching how a pro like Tannehill prepares and cleaning up anything in his game that needs to be cleaned up. It would also give him more time to learn the offense.

With that being said, the best thing for this team long-term might just be for the Titans to trade Tannehill, get some draft picks, and let Levis and Malik Willis battle it out in camp. They don’t win as many games in 2023 in that scenario, but it gets the winner of that battle, most likely Levis, a year of experience and gives the Titans better draft picks in the 2024 draft. What is better for Levis, a year of experience or a year of development? That is what Ran Carthon has to decide before he makes his next move.