Ryan Tannehill is being treated fairly by the Titans and the Titans fanbase

For some reason there are some in the Nashville media like Gentry Estes, Jared Stillman, Paul Kuharsky, Buck Reising, and the idiots at A to Z sports that hate the Titans after the draft are now treating Ryan Tannehill like he's some sort of martyr or victim that's being unfairly mistreated by the Titans and the Titans fans and that's completely wrong whether they like it or not Ryan Tannehill is being treated how he should be by the Titans and the Titans fan.

I've written a post on this website called "Ryan Tannehill's Tainted Titans Legacy" that describes why he won't be remembered as an all time Titans great and he brought it on himself I won't rehash all of it in this post but it seems some in the Nashville media including on this website seem to to either not get or refuse to get why Titans fans don't like Ryan Tannehill.

I believe history will be kinder to Ryan Tannehill as time goes by as I've said in previous posts on this blog after all he did win 2019 NFL comeback player of the year and made the Pro Bowl that same season, led the Titans to the 2019 AFC championship, led them to 3 straight playoff appearances and 2 straight AFC South Division Titles something not even the Titans GOAT Steve McNair accomplished but yet he will be remembered as one of the most hated Titans of all time due to the 2021 Cincinnati playoff loss and his refusal to take accountability for it after it and his detachment from the Titans fanbase.

To be clear I do not believe Ryan Tannehill is a bad person from what we know it seems Ryan Tannehill is a good family man and hasn't gotten in trouble off the field and has had no scandals of any sort attached to his name yet for some reason he's hated by the Titans fan and fair or not the hate is justified simply because he's always seemed detached from the fanbase, there's just something off his leadership, and for some reason it feel like he's completely fake and inauthentic in interviews similar to a Russell Wilson, Tony Romo, Donovan McNabb, Kirk Cousins, etc. like that they all including Tannehill put up good numbers and have talent but when you need them to be leaders in big moments they fail in spectacular fashion and they completely turn off everyone so much the fanbase wants them gone as soon as possible.

One thing I saw this week that really bothered me was an inaccurate article written by Titans hater the Tennesean's Gentry Estes who loves to trash the Titans at any cost wrote "Ryan Tannehill deserves better than sloppy offseason" basically sounding like Ryan Tannehill is some martyr that's been unfairly treated by the Titans but this shouldn't be surprising because he defended him during the "mentorshipgate" controversy last year which is false and inaccurate the Titans multiple times have gone out of their way (particularly Vrabel) to defend Ryan Tannehill like he's Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady hell they even paid him a big contract yet Tannehill last offseason and this offseason instead has said or done stuff to make them look bad hell he even contributed to Jon Robinson losing his job and shows why Titans fans don't like him he's being treated fairly by the Titans.

Look have the Titans had the best offseason, no, is it the best look for the Titans that they have used 2 drafts in a row to take a QB, no, have they made questionable bad PR moves involving publicly putting Derrick Henry and Kevin Byard on the trading block, yes, could they be a publicly be little more sensitive for how they handle player departures, absolutely, but the Titans have done nothing wrong when it comes to wanting to wanting to move on from Tannehill because NFL dynasties and Super Bowl contenders are built drafting a franchise QB and the Titans should expect better from their quarterbacks and so far Tannehill has miserably failed in big moments on the field but also with his attitude and leadership and the Titans and the Titans fans are treating him like he should be treated did some good things but the Titans deserve better and that's completely fair.

None of the criticism on Tannehill means Will Levis will succeed or be a replacement for Tannehill but the Titans have not mistreated him in any way for wanting his future replacement if anything fans and the team are treating him like how he's treated the Titans by never embracing the fanbase and a team that for awhile went out of their way to embrace hell don't forget a majority of the fans and media called for him to replace Marcus Mariota and also Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel went out of their way to not only pay him big money but have foolishly publicly denfending him and he continues to spit in everyones faces.

Ryan Tannehill has brought the criticism on himself due to him not performing in big games and not showing enough leadership in the locker room during critical times he's not a victim or a martyr like some in the local media are portraying him the Titans and Titans fans are justified in wanting Tannehill gone because not only has he not performed on the field he's never seemed to be very grateful to the team that saved his NFL career so therefore the treatment of him is justified.