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Money Talks: Titans need to go all in on DeAndre Hopkins

Ran Carthon and the Titans should make it really tough on DeAndre Hopkins to turn them down

Arizona Cardinals v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

DeAndre Hopkins was released by the Arizona Cardinals on Friday. Earlier last week, I had asked here if the Tennessee Titans should trade for DeAndre Hopkins. Only 31% of you thought they should:

I was in the camp that didn’t think they should trade for Hopkins. The Titans really couldn’t afford to give away any more draft capital in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The conversation is different now that he has been released. Look, I get that when Hopkins was putting together his list of places he wants to go, the Titans probably weren’t even on it. He most likely wants to sign with a team that he feels has a good chance of winning a Super Bowl in 2023. The Titans don’t look like that team.

With that being said, money talks. What Ran Carthon should do is put together a front-loaded contract that gives Hopkins a ton of money this season and make him turn it down. Hopkins has familiarity with Mike Vrabel, Tim Kelly, and others on this coaching staff from their time with the Houston Texans. Get any of those guys on a plane and go meet with Hopkins. Sell him on the fact that he is the missing piece on this offense.

Will that be enough? Maybe not, but the Titans cannot afford to at least shoot their shoot with the current state of their receiver room.

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