5 Most Epic Tennessee Titans Games of All Time

The Tennessee Titans are an iconic NFL team. Since 1959, the Titans have had countless classic games — including their huge win against the Jaguars in 2002 and heart-breaking 1999 Super Bowl Final loss to the St. Louis Rams. So, if you’re a passionate Tennessee Titan fan, take a trip down memory lane as this guide runs through the 5 most epic Titan games of all time.

  1. Super Bowl XXXIV: St Louis Rams, 23, Tennessee Titans 16 (1999)

It’s not often that an NFL team’s greatest game is a loss — but that’s the case with the Tennessee Titans.

In 1999, the Tennessee Titans reached their first (and only) Super Bowl Championship: Super Bowl XXXIV. That year the Titans had a great roster, which consisted of the likes of Steve McNair and Lorenzo Neal, but they sadly couldn’t get over the line to take home the trophy.

The final itself was intense and saw the St. Louis Rams beat the Titans 23-16 at the Hard Rock Stadium. Interestingly, this is still the most recent NFL Championship in history, where both teams were competing for their first-ever Championships, which is why there was so much on the line.

The first half was dominated by each team’s respective defenses. The third and fourth quarters then saw both the Titans and Rams start to push forward more and focus on offense. Then, when the final play came around, "The Tackle" took place, which is now seen as an iconic Super Bowl moment. If you’re a Titans fan, you’ll know that this is a reference to the moment when the Rams linebacker Mike Jones tackled Titans receiver Kevin Dyson right at the end when he was just one yard short of the all-important goal line! Had Kevin Dyson made it, this would have been the first Super Bowl Championship in history to go to overtime. Ah, what could have been!

To this day, Tennessee Titans fans still talk about the 1999 Super Bowl and what it means to them. Hopefully, the Titans will take part in another Super Bowl Championship in the future.

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  1. Titans 44, Lions 41 (2012)

In terms of craziness and pure excitement, this is easily one of the best games (and wins) in Titans history.

Despite leading by 14 points with just seconds left on the clock, the Lions somehow managed to pull the game back and take it to overtime. Drama then started to unfold surrounding referee replacements and awful in-game management by the Lion’s head coach Jim Schwartz. Ultimately, this led to chaotic overtime play that saw the Titans regain their composure and come out victorious.

  1. AFC Wildcard Playoffs: Titans 20, Ravens 17 (2004)

Let’s flashback to the mid-2000s when the Titans had one of their best rosters ever. On January 3rd, they faced off against the Ravens in an all-time classic game that saw Gary Anderson launch a game-winning 46-yarder field goal with less than 1 minute left on the clock.

  1. Titans 28, Jaguars 10 (2002)

In 2002, the Titans comfortably secured a playoff spot and finished top of the division by defeating the Jaguars (who had an excellent roster at the time). This game took place in front of a packed out 51,033 crowd and is seen by many Titans fans as a classic.

  1. Titans 24, Cleveland 0 (2000)

Throughout the history of the Titans, there are some games that stand out in terms of domination — and this is one of them. There was a huge snowfall on this day, but it didn’t stop the Titans legend Eddie George plowing through the storm with 176 yards and three touchdowns, which was a major career highlight for him.

Where Can You Watch Tennessee Titan Games in the Future?

So, there you go — those are the top 5 most epic Titans games from the history vault. These games are available to watch back online, so make sure to check them out when you get the chance. As a Titans fan, they’re all must-watches.

Moving into the future, you can expect there to be plenty more classic games from the Titans. To watch them live, you can use the following platforms:

  • NFL Network

  • ESPN

  • NBC

  • Hulu

  • YouTube TV

Go, Titans!