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Titans 2023 NFL schedule release: Dates, times, primetime games and more

Your official 2023 Tennessee Titans schedule!

NFL: APR 28 2023 Draft Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It is pretty funny that the schedule release is such a big event. We have known who the Titans will play in 2023 since the 2022 season was over. Now we just know the order. The NFL sure knows how to own a news cycle.

Tennessee Titans 2023 Schedule:

Week 1 - @ New Orleans Saints

Week 2 - vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Week 3 - @ Cleveland Browns

Week 4 - vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Week 5 - @ Indianapolis Colts

Week 6 - vs. Baltimore Ravens (London)

Week 7 - BYE

Week 8 - vs. Atlanta Falcons

Week 9 - @ Pittsburgh Steelers (Thursday Night Football)

Week 10 - @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 11 - @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 12 - vs. Carolina Panthers

Week 13 -vs. Indianapolis Colts

Week 14- @ Miami Dolphins (Monday Night Football)

Week 15 - vs. Houston Texans

Week 16 - vs. Seattle Seahawks

Week 17 - @ Houston Texans

Week 18 - vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Titans don’t see the Texans until week 15. It would have been nice to get one match-up with C.J. Stroud early in the season.

It is a little bit surprising that the Titans got a Monday Night Football game. It’s not at home, but it is still nice to have a Monday Nighter.

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