If you're rooting for to Will Levis to fail stop being a Titans fan

Let's be honest no one expected Will Levis to fall out of the 1st round and much less to be available for the Titans in the 2nd round yet here we are.

Will Levis concerns are valid he regressed from his 2021 season, his numbers we're all the way down in 2022, had a bad game against a lowly team in Vanderbilt, him skipping his bowl and the senior bowl when he had too many questions against him was a bad judgement, and his poor interviews haven't helped his case either.

With that said that doesn't mean Will Levis will fail or be a bust give him a chance to prove everyone wrong I'm disappointed we didn't get CJ Stroud that wasn't Titans incompetence that was just simply bad luck.

If Levis does fail we can simply trade up and draft Caleb Williams or Drake Maye next year look up Jimmy Clausen and Cam Newton for the Carolina Panthers.

Will Levis I hope was humbled by this draft experience and uses this to prove everyone wrong and become the best QB in Titans history.

I know 99% percent of Titans fans are sane and rational and are rooting for Levis to succeed but it really is embarrassing that there's a certain loud portion of the fanbase that is in doom or gloom mode and are rooting for Levis to fail to prove some sort of point.

I get being concerned about Levis because of the issues he had in college and being disappointed that the Titans failed to get CJ stroud but that does not mean you should be in doom and gloom mode and root for Will Levis to fail.

Now if Will Levis hasn't improved and developed and isn't a good player for the Titans then we can talk.

Right now get on board and root for Will Levis to succeed or continue being the miserable complaining people you've always been and stop being a Titans.

Just because you didn't get the guy you wanted doesn't mean you should ruin it for most of the sane rational Titans fans who want the franchise QB and want the Titans to win the super bowl.

Either support Will Levis to succeed or shut up and go away and stop being a Titans fan and be miserable for the rest of your life.