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Mike Vrabel updates Titans quarterback depth chart

Things will most likely change between now and September

Tennessee Titans v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Last night at the Tennessee Titans post-day NFL Draft day two press conference, Mike Vrabel said that quarterback depth chart on Monday will be Ryan Tannehill one, Malik Willis two, and Will Levis three. Vrabel said what happens from there is up to the players.

My faith in Levis actually being good is pretty low, but the best thing for the long-term good of the Titans is for Levis to come in and win the job in training camp. If that happens, odds are Tannehill won’t be here. They would try to find a trade partner for him that comes up because of an injury.

The second best thing for the Titans would be for Levis to clearly be better in camp than Willis. In that scenario, Willis probably ends up getting cut. There have been multiple reports that the Titans are out on him already.

The worst scenario is for Levis to be clearly the third of the group....